That Boozy Cake Mix


Guys, only 5 days left for Christmas! I mean Just 5 days and there’s so much to be done. No, I am not doing any countdown here, although I wish if I had done that. It didn’t strike me till my annoying friends at work (Guys I love you so much don’t look at me like that) decided to pester me for not starting with my Christmas baking yet.

Well, they had a point there. I was under the impression that X’mas is at least 2 weeks away from now and I have enough time to do my baking & preparations. Clearly, I was wrong and didn’t plan it well either. Blame my hectic work schedule. Okay fine, it is not that hectic but for some technical reasons I was zoned out for the past few days. It happens to the best of us. Don’t you think? So cutting it short, let’s get down to business here.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I am very much geared up for Christmas this year. All I have to do is to bake some delicious boozy fruitcakes, wrap them up all pretty and share it with my near & dear ones. So, it’s finally time to talk about my boozy cake mix.


This is my first time to play with some alcohol in my food. Things people do when they are away from their parents (Sigh). This is nothing I know but it’s a social platform people, I know my limits too. And I am sure, most of you would be having a glorious grin on your face while reading this.

Anyway, coming back to the cake mix, I have to admit that I enjoyed doing this ritual thoroughly. From shopping the ingredients to its preparations, everything was fun. I didn’t go much by tradition, I chose whatever was appealing to my taste buds. Raisins, sultanas, cherries, blueberries, green raisins, jumbo raisins, citrus peel, candied ginger, nuts, Christmas spices and what not? The list goes on for what went into my fruitcake mix.


One last thing I have to say is, even though it’s my first time I never thought of buying the ready–to-mix dried fruit pack for making this. I went to the shop all by myself to get the dried fruits and spices so that I could take my own time tasting & analyzing each and every item that goes into my mix. So now, I can definitely say that everything in my mix is handpicked. I think, this dedication is what they call adding love to the food while preparing it.

To read more about the cake mixing ritual please visit;


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