Mango Mastani


Lately, I have been seeing a lot of drool-worthy pictures and recipes of Mango Mastani all over the internet. Although the name sounded quite filmy it suited that tall glass of sunshine topped with vanilla ice cream and cherry. It’s nothing new but our good old mango milkshake with ice cream served with a little bit more elegance and a new name.


I was waiting for mango season to arrive so that I could make this Mastani. I know the season is going to end very soon but my love and greed for mangoes never let me keep any grip on my patience. So, until now I happily kept gorging down all the mangoes that made its way to my house. Now that my taste buds have calmed down I finally attempted the Mastani but with a twist.


Now the twist is, I am not a fan of Ice cream or anything frozen for that matter. I mean that’s something that I totally agree with Ross Geller from Friends; it’s too cold to enjoy. Not that I don’t eat it, I do once in a while but it’s definitely not something that I ever crave for. So I had to find an alternative for ice cream to make my Mastani, and that’s when I thought about the sago kheer I had made the other day. Making sago kheer is not that big a deal it’s the easiest, simplest and delicious desserts. So making a healthier and yummier version of Mango Mastani was a piece of cake for me and I am sure it will be the same for you as well if you care to read further and try at home. So, shall we?




Mangoes – 2(peeled and cubed)

Milk – ¾ cup

Coconut sugar – 1 tbsp

Sago Kheer – 1 cup (Get the recipe here)

Crushed Nuts – ½ cup

Strawberry – 1


  • Put the mango cubes, milk and coconut sugar in a blender and blend everything into a smooth & thick mixture.
  • In a tall & clean glass or jar, layer the mango milkshake with the sago kheer & crushed nuts ending with a layer of sago kheer to give the feel of ice cream.
  • Finish it with a topping of crushed nuts and strawberry and enjoy the guilt-free


  • I used full-fat fresh milk you can also use low fat, soy milk or almond milk although it will alter the taste a little bit.
  • Try to make the shake and kheer quite thick so that it will hold the layers.
  • Consume it immediately as keeping it even refrigerated will change the fresh taste of mangoes.
  • Sago kheer should be prepared in advance so that you can use it chilled like ice cream.



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