Hello and welcome to Being Wholesome!

I am Shruti, a food writer by profession and a self-taught photographer, cook and baker by nature. I am a picky foodie, as in, I have more don’ts than do’s when it comes to flavours and ingredients. As much as food is concerned, I go deep into every little detail from its sourcing to preparation. I think it’s in my genes as I hail from a family that takes a lot of interest in food and never hesitate to go that extra mile to eat good and wholesome food.

I am a simple home cook inspired by a family full of great cooks. My granny, dad, mum everyone is a wonderful cook and I have learned a lot from them. I have spent my childhood vacations in many parts of rural India trying some amazing ethnic foods that were not so common in the urban world. I think those experiences have played a significant role in me developing a strong urge for traditional & wholesome foods that are deep-rooted in culture. I am sure you will find a lot of that in here.

Now coming to Food photography, it is something that I never get bored off. I can keep looking at food pictures and lose track of time. Capturing ideas created through moments with my camera thrills me and it drives me more than anything else. When it comes to food, I love the rustic and natural beauty of it and I always try to craft out some beautiful frames keeping that in mind. And this could be probably why prop collection has become one of my favourite hobbies now.

What you can expect in Being Wholesome? 

It is a digital space to discuss everything food but not limited to just another food blog. I have kept this space and my mind open for ideas that speak food whichever way it is. It could be food stories, reviews, recipes, pictures or videos, or something more than the usual which we will find out together very soon.